Welcome to Regulation Innovation: Thriving on Disruption. Every month, I'll be your guide through the upheaval underway in financial services, bringing you both a video briefing and a resource-rich article with my best insights on the technology and regulatory forces driving change, and how to make them work in your favor.

On this page you'll find the the first two videos and some teaser content; the first two in-depth articles accompanying the videos; an overview of the series; light-hearted bonus videos; and information on how to subscribe.

Introductory Video

What happens to one of the most heavily regulated industries in the world when technology far outstrips the ability of regulators to keep up? How do we ensure consumers get the benefit of new innovations without being harmed? How do we prevent harm without killing innovation? This intro video sets the stage for Jo Ann Barefoot's thoughts on navigating next generation financial services.

Two huge forces are disrupting consumer finance. 

One is technology innovation.

The other is regulation.

They are the top challenges facing virtually every company, both in cost and risk.

They seem unrelated. Actually, they are linked:

  • They have the same targets. Regulators and disruptive innovators are attacking the same consumer problems -- especially lack of product clarity and high product costs.
  • Both therefore threaten the same profit centers -- it’s a pincer assault.
  • They mostly have the same causes, especially outdated technologies, cultures and structures.
  • This means they have overlapping solutions. Fixing one can efficiently fix the other.
  • They are disrupting each other. Finance is so highly regulated that disrupting the industry disrupts the regulatory process too, and vice versa.
  • They are creating a new state of permanent uncertainty, driving change that’s too fast, fluid and unforgiving to manage by traditional means.
  • They will break and remake companies and industries           

Leaders in the financial world need to understand these two forces, and understand how to thrive on – not struggle through – disruption.

Regulation Innovation is my video guide for these leaders. It’s for both regulatory and business people at all levels, and for traditional companies and innovators, of all sizes. It’s practical -- short videos, maximum insight, concrete advice.

The initial videos will cover:

  • Welcome to the journey: Quick overview of the series
  • The 5 tech trends: The key technology trends disrupting consumer finance and regulation, and why financial people are underestimating them
  • Meet the innovators: Understanding the disruptors. Who are they, how do they think, what are they trying to do, how do they relate to the traditional industry?
  • Meet the new regulators:  Understanding the daunting shifts facing regulators and policy-makers, and how they plan to meet them
  • The 6 challenges:  the top challenges facing every financial provider
  • The 7 strategies: Strategic approaches for each of the six, and overall 


The series is 12 video briefings a year, each paired with a high-value article offering further resources, reading, and my advice.


We are launching with an initial annual price of $995 for up to three subscribers. Please contact us for organizational discounts.

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Bonus Videos: 

This short video answers the burning question of why does Jo Ann have an Xbox when she has never played a video game in her entire life and what on earth does this have to do with financial services innovation?